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Feel the Armony...

The term “Armony” is derived from the Greek αρμονία, which means agreement, concordance, and is related to the verb: ‘connect’. The word harmony with “h” is used in a context of the language of music, referring to the harmony that composes a melody, while Armony, for Marival®, refers to a state of balance with the environment.

About Marival® Resorts

30 years ago, the Canadian Senator Pietro Rizzuto sought to invest in a family business in Mexico which, in addition to achieve success, contributed to the overall development of its environment. Thus, in 1982, he acquired in Nuevo Vallarta the property that two years later would be inaugurated as the first Marival hotel, cradle of the high-level All-Inclusive and “Home Feeling” concept in the area. 

At the same time that his hotel was growing, Mr. Rizzuto collaborated permanently with the development of Riviera Nayarit. This spirit is still alive in the company that inherited his son, Mr. Alfonso Rizzuto, who also cares about helping the communities where we operate, being generous to them and actively participating in their conservation of the environment through the EcoMarival program.

This philosophy has been reflected in a constant growth of the company since we make quality hotels. Currently, the company has three hotels: Marival® Emotions Resort & Suites, Marival® Distinct Luxury Residences, and Marival® Armony Luxury Resort & Suites.

All our properties are family orientated, with bedrooms and spaces ideal to integrate them, with much more options in the type of accommodation that go according to the different needs of space, privacy and comforts that each group requires. Also, our culinary offer is very attractive, and we give them access to a variety of activities so that everyone has a good time. We are the place where everyone wants to return.

At present, we are a solid and expert team with integral know-how of the industry, pioneers of the "home feeling" who have never lost the personal and close touch with their guests. Aware that excellence is not a permanent state if you do not work every day to achieve it, we are continually seeking innovation in hotel concepts focused on people, always taking care of the tradition and vocation that brought us here. That is why we surprise you with much more than you expect, every time.