From gorgeous beaches to energetic nightlife

An unforgettable destination.
Discover the many things to do in Punta de Mita

Located 50 kilometers from Puerto Vallarta, Punta de Mita, also known as Punta de Mita, is a peninsula perched at the northern end of the iconic Banderas Bay, surrounded by vegetation, soft sands and clear skies most of the year. It is part of Riviera Nayarit, a unique destination in Mexico, with a wide cultural, gastronomic and tourist offer, which receives thousands of national and international travelers, year after year, and has established itself as a must-visit if you are in the region.

Discover all the adventures to live and fun things to do in Punta de Mita and its surroundings.

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Explore Punta de Mita

With its more than 10 kilometers of coastline, there are endless things to do in Punta de Mita, both outdoors and indoors. Entertainment, sports, and culture for all tastes.

A natural paradise with a romantic secret

Marietas Islands National Park

One of the most famous outings in the area is visiting the Marietas Islands National Park, a nature reserve made of 2 islands, known as Isla Redonda and Isla Larga, two islets and the water that surrounds them, full of colorful marine life in which you can immerse yourself, should you decide to venture out, snorkel or dive.

You can also visit the famous Playa del Amor, or secret beach, a private enclave that can only be reached by swimming, protected by the wonderful natural environment of the Marietas Islands.

To visit, there are daily excursions, but the places are limited, so we recommend you make your reservation in time and not miss it for the world. It is a unique natural spectacle.

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Fall in love with Riviera Nayarit

With its 300 kilometers from top to bottom, Riviera Nayarit is full of life. In its picturesque little towns and abundant landscapes you will find shelter, fun and entertainment at all times.

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Welcome to the friendliest city in the world

Beyond adventure: things to do in Puerto Vallarta

Located 50 kilometers from Armony Luxury Resort & Spa, in a private bay full of nature, is Puerto Vallarta, the friendliest city in the world. Between its cobblestone streets and lively public squares, you will find the perfect place to explore, meet new people and create unique memories.

Discover all the activities and things to do in Puerto Vallarta and get ready for a movie-like vacation.

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